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||||| - ONLINE SECURITY : - credit cards (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 14:16:04pm)
||||| CONCERNED ABOUT ONLINE SECURITY? 1.1 Please call toll free: 877.695.3561 during weekdays 9 to 5 central. (closed Wednesday) 2.Use PAYPAL on line order and call in CC info. 3. Copy and paste your order to - (do not include your CC info - leave phone #..)

||||| GETTING A WARNING ON CHECKOUT? May be individual security computer settings, firewalls,( may be temporarily reset during order.) or use ordering options at top of page of page.

||||| - RETURNS and CREDITS - non returnables (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 14:16:55pm)
--- RETURN LABEL Free if damaged merchandise / our mistake (Exchanges 1st class rate insured


--- TO AVOID CHARGES, use the amount as credit or trade.



||||| - DO WE DO LAYAWAYS? - yes, just ask us! (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 11:07:51am)
||||| ROSARIES, CHAPLETS, JEWELRY: Are pulled from stock on recít of down payment, this insures availability.

--- DOWN PAYMENT: 1/3rd down, 1/3rd in 30 days, last 1/3rd due in 30 days. (60 days from original down payment)

--- PRICING CHANGES: If pricing changes, the price at time of layaway will be honored.

--- SHIPPING: next working day after final payment

||||| CALL: 877 695 3561 for more information or email us at << >> We accept PayPal, Money Orders, Credit Cards, charging per your request.

||||| - DO I PAY STATE TAX?: Michigan only (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 11:08:22am)
||||| - DO I PAY MICHIGAN STATE TAX? We are in Michigan so only residents of Michigan will pay state tax - at 6%.

||||| - INTERNET SALES ONLY: We only sell on the internet and do not have a store front in Michigan or any other state in the union.

||||| - MICHIGAN RESIDENTS:CREDIT CARD CUSTOMERS: added to your total (by law, state tax must include item total + total from shipping and handling) when charged. PAYPAL: we will notify you total by email. CHECK or MONEY ORDER: please call 877 695 3561 for your total bill.

||||| - 30 DAY RETURN POLICY: Special Orders etc. (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 11:19:06am)
||||| 30 DAY RETURN POLICY - (January 2012:)

The Rosary Workshop will work with you the best we can on the return of parts and finished products (rosaries, chaplets, jewelry). But it is important the customer knows and understands we are unable to process any returns older than 30 days by giving credit on credit card purchases.(Bank rules) . We do allow in store credit on some items.


--- SALE ITEMS (non returnable and non refundable)
--- SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS (non returnable)
--- SHIPPING (non refundable unless our mistake)
--- MICHIGAN STATE TAX (nonrefundable)


||||| - PAYPAL CUSTOMERS: (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 11:31:47am)
||||| PAYPAL ACCOUNT: << >>

||||| PAY PAL CUSTOMERS: Please note our system deletes all PayPal orders 7 days after you have received your request for payment. Once you have received your PayPal request for payment. Please remember you may reorder at your leisure if deleted by cart.

||||| REMEMBER PAYPAL PAYMENTS MAY BE MADE THROUGH ONE ACCOUNT ONLY. ... once you have received the confirmed total from us Go to then to SEND MONEY. Enter your emal address and the confirmed total including postage and discounts )

||||| - SHIPPING OPTIONS: Domestic/International (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 11:46:32am)

To help with rising shiping costs, we add shipping costs manually as less for customer. We ship USPS, UPS and FEDEX - in country. WE SHIP TO MOST COUNTRIES. (Pricing depends on insurance and weight)

||||| QUESTIONS? CALL toll free 877.695.3561 (9 to 5 central weekdays (closed wednesday) or << beadsong@hotmail >> for special rares and delivery time in country or overseas:


||||| - SILVER? BRONZE? contents (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 14:17:51pm)
||||| WHY ISN'T YOUR SILVER MARKED 'STERLING'? HOW DO I KNOW IT IS REALLY STERLING? Pure silver is too soft so contains 92.5% silver (sometimes marked '925') and a small amt of copper (7.5% ) for strength. = STERLING.

||||| HAND-CAST FROM ANTIQUES: All our metals are hand cast from Antique or Vintage pieces in either Sterling Silver or Solid Bronze then antiqued to restore original patina. (All from public domain - no signs of trademark or artist))Casts what it 'sees'

||||| DOES OUR BRONZE CONTAIN LEAD? No. There is no lead in our bronze pieces. It is basically brass and does contain copper and tin, which makes it BRONZE. We hope you enjoy!

||||| - METALS DARKER THAN OTHERS?: great ideas! (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 14:30:04pm)

||||| SEVERAL CASTERS DO OUR PIECES. Antiquing formulas, oxidation processes and even metals differ. Since this is out of our control, we try to match up sets as much as possible. We have included some hints below:

||||| - MATCHING METALS FROM OTHER SOURCES: BRONZES may be more red, copper or yellow, depending on metal content. SILVERS more blue ora 'yellow' cast. May be overcome by using the following suggestions:

--- POLISHING CLOTHS: Use polishing cloths for household items such as silverware to remove oxides. Jewelers and Jewelry suppy companies also sell solutions and cloths for professional use that work beautifully.

--- STEEL WOOL: (0000 or finer) to take off environmental or applied oxidations. will also matte surface making it less shiney. Remember, these items are cast from antiques and many are worn from love and prayer - they look better with a matte finish, especially the silver.

--- COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS: Household products may work, items such as clorox or ammonia, etc. Always test first, as some will actually darken surfaces. but metals are strong! (PJ Nichols adds: 'I used the CAMEO POWDER FOR COPPER AND BRASS CLEANER. It worked great on my brass medals.'

--- TOOTH PASTE: Try brushing toothpaste on surface to clean. some say this works very well. KETSUP:-Cleans copper and copper is in bronze, try it!--- BAKING SODA make a pasre and apply with a tooth brush, cloth or fingers.

--- SALT AND LEMON JUICE: For inspection, my husband used a rag with salt and lemon juce to polish his brass or bronze belt buckles etc while at the Naval Academy to pass inspection.

||||| - ANTIQUING SURFACES: Sometimes the call is to darken the surface of metals, and when metals do not match, tossing them both into a common antiquing solution works wonders. This helps to make items closer in color, especially rosary sets (remember, a slight difference should not be a problem because the beads that separate them do help make a difference.

--- BOILED EGGS: We have not tried this but have been told that if you put your metals in the water while boiling shelled eggs that it will antique silver.

--- ANTIQUING SOLUTIONS: Purchase antiquing and oxidizing solutions from a jewelry supply store such as Rio Grand on the internet. - (Always follow mfrs instructions as some solutions are toxic or poisionous.) We then suggest you polish or clean the surface using the suggestions above. (Do not use around children).

||||| - WHOLESALE INFO: terms and conditions (Jul/21/Fri/2017 @ 14:57:41pm)
||||| - WHOLESALE INFORMATION: Please call toll free 877.695.3561 during working hours or < > any time to request wholesale info with proper credentials and discounts.

--- ROSARIES, CHAPLETS, JEWELRY: see original price listed.


--- OVER $100 - 10%
--- OVER $300 - 15%
-- OVER $1000 - 20%

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