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Main Section - 20%-||| - ROSARIES - 20%-||| - (RCKG) - HIGH END, RARE ONE OF A KIND) - our finest!* - + 20%-CCKG.2411 - WORTHY - Basha Beads - chaplet - (8mm - 10.5 in.)
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" + 20%-CCKG.2411 - WORTHY - Basha Beads - chaplet - (8mm - 10.5 in.)"
 + 20%-CCKG.2411 - WORTHY - Basha Beads - chaplet - (8mm - 10.5 in.)

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||||| WORTHY ARE YOU, LORD III: This is the third in this series, and the first time we have been able to offer chaplets. AVE BEADS are filigreed silver, hand made. Gram wt determines the price of each metal item on our site. The rosary itself looks to us as if it came from a private estate or museum collection dating back 100s of years. Filigree Ave beads have been used for centuries. They were introduced in the 1600s and used in the 'Filligree Rosaries made in Bavaria (Schwabish Gmund) and Austria. This rosary was inspired by these elegant rosaries seen in many museums throughout Europe. AVE BEADS: Handmade filigree beads - silver

PATER BEADS: Handmade 'Basha Beads' reminding us of ancient glass found in an archival dig with its inner glow, matte and glossy finish.


METALS: Elegant crucifix and center (Ave Maria) are hand cast in sterling silver from antiques then antiqued to restore original patina.


PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE (pricing determined by gram wt of precious metal at time of casting)
(very, very limited. Unable to replace when gone)

STERLING ONLY: $340 USD your special price $272 SOLD OUT



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