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Main Section - 20%-||| - ROSARIES - 20%-||| - (RAFR) - FILIGREE ROSARIES - 17c - 18c - RAFR.2630 - MOTHER of PEARL FILIGREE- 8 mm - 20% off - MOP with silver filigree beads (17 in)
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"RAFR.2630 - MOTHER of PEARL FILIGREE- 8 mm - 20% off - MOP with silver filigree beads (17 in)"
RAFR.2630 - MOTHER of PEARL FILIGREE- 8 mm  - 20% off - MOP with silver filigree  beads (17 in)

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20% -||||| MOTHER OF PEARL FILIGREE: 8mm faceted mother of pearl beads are used with handmade silver Filigree beads. We saw many Filigree Rosaries made of Faux Pearl (glass) and when we saw these beautiful MOP beads we knew that they would be the choice for the Filigree Rosary. We had never seen them with facets which adds to their beauty.

||||| FILIGREE ROSARIES were the most popular of rosaries from the 16 - 18 century. Mostly made in Schwabish Gmund (upper Bavaria) by families in the area. Schwabish Gmund was known for its silver work and a center for jewelry and rosary making. They became so popular and elegant that they were worn for jewelry and there was concern that the spiritual purpose of prayer was lost in vanity. They were banned by some religious orders because of this.

||||| PILGRIMAGE ROSARIES: Since they were carried during pilgrimages to holy places, it was not unusual to find tiny souvenirs hanging from them. These were often miniature hand painted images of a holy person or saint and covered with a crystal protection, framed in silver or gold. The crosses were 'reliquaries' and often carried relics. Hand made Porcelain images were inserted into the crosses. Medallions sometime replaced the crosses and carried metal images of kings or saints. (See Rosary Workshop Museum)


||||| MEDALS: All our medals are hand cast from antique and vintage pieces in sterling silver and solid bronze. (The beads used here are handmade and are new. The Filigree cross is cast from an old piece.)

||||| STRINGING INFORMATION: We use a state of the arts wire (49 strands of plied stainless steel) covered in a smooth surfaced nylon on all rosaries, chaplets and jewelry. Each piece is made for generations of use. If under normal wear there is a need for repair, there will be no charge.


|||| PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. (pricing determined by gram wt of precious metal at time of casting) May not be able to replace as shown. 20% DISCOUNT APPLIED BELOW UNTIL SOLD:

---- CREDO CROSS (discontinued)

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