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":+: ASRL.86 - ANCIENT CELTIC RING MONEY - (flat, smooth ring) - (1 in. ring)"
:+: ASRL.86 - ANCIENT CELTIC RING MONEY - (flat, smooth ring) - (1 in. ring)

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||||| ANCIENT CELTIC RING MONEY, TRADE RINGS - FLAT SMOOTH RINGS For use in Jewelry and on the Penal Chaplet. Ring is large enough to fit on the fingers for counting prayers. (1 in.) Surface and shape gives itself to the beauty of hand made jewelry and chaplets when using our products. Also called 'Trade Rings..

||||| CELTIC RING MONEY : Size and shape suggest original was Celtic Ring Money. These Celtic Rings date back to 800 bc if not before. Found throughout Europe in ancient Celtic settlements, they were originally cast by the Celts in gold, silver and bronze for trade / commerce / exchange. (Trade Rings are also found in the Great Lakes Area used for trade between the Indians and Jesuits for beaver pelts)

Ring Money like this one, where you see a break (break is now soldered) were believed worn on a chain around the neck and when a trade was made, the owner would be able to remove it from the chain easily.


||||| ABOUT OUR METALS: All our crucifixes, crosses, rosary centers, religous medals and findings are hand cast from antiques and vintage pieces in sterling silver and solid bronze then re antiqued to restore original patina.


||||| PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. REFLECTS CURRENT RISE IN SILVER COSTS, WITH SPECIAL LOWER PRICE BREAKS!(metal prices are determined by gram wt at the time of purchase from the caster.)





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