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Main Section - ||||| - GIFT SHOP - GIFT SHOP : JPS (small pendants) - #JPS.6050 , 51, 52 - TREE OF LIFE (silver and bronze cross pendants) - (1 to 2 in.)
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"#JPS.6050 , 51, 52 - TREE OF LIFE (silver and bronze cross pendants) - (1 to 2 in.)"
#JPS.6050 , 51, 52 - TREE OF LIFE (silver and bronze cross pendants) - (1 to 2 in.)

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||||| TREE OF LIFE: 3 wonderful crosses with the tree of life cut or etched into the surface. Wearable or use on a chaplet. Design is a great reminder for us of the living tree of life and Christ who rose in life to save us from sin.

JPS.6050: Top (Silver cut out): 1 in.
JPS.6051: Left (Bronze tree): 2 in.
JPS.6052: Right (Bronze tree cutout): 1.75 in.


||||| GREAT GIFT SUGGESTIONS:A wonderful gift for children receiving their first holy communion, for all confirmands on their special day. Wear on a chain around the neck or add to your rosary or chaplet as a wonderful reminder of a special day.


||||| ABOUT THE MONASTERY OF MARIA LAACH: For over 50 years Maria Laach has offered religous cards, icons, and bronzes of high quality. There are about 80 Monks, assisted by Lay people in the production of these works sold all over the world. The grounds of the Monastery are also a sign of their large agricultural business. Their more recent works include gates and garden art. Our visit in 2007 gave us an incredible sense of this very blessed community.



JPS.6050: Top (Silver cut out): 1 in.($46) special $43
JPS.6051: Left (Bronze tree): 2 in.($18) special $16
JPS.6052: Right (Bronze cutout tree): 1.75 in. ($27) special $25




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