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Main Section - 20%-||| - ROSARIES - ||||| - (RMI) - MUSEUM INSPIRED - 15c, 16c - RDLM.2800 - 'A SPLENDID REWARD' -20% off - Skull beads - rosary / chaplet - (8 mm - 28 in.) - Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Nora McKay Rated: 5
A Splendid Reward-Skull beads rosary
If you have been eying this one-then wait no longer. Go ahead and treat yourself. This is a must have fine piece of history that is very well made and pleasing to the eyes of men and women. The Ave and Pater beads are bigger and darker than the website picture shows. still--the effect is more much more pleasing.
If I were a rich person I would buy this for all my family and friends who are Roman Catholic. It looks like it belongs in a museum!!!
Very well done Rosary Workshop!!!

Darryl Hepworth Rated: 5
Beautiful Rosary
I just received this rosary in the mail, my first memento mori style one, and the first rosary I was willing to spend this kind of money on. I felt a bit of buyer's remorse when sending the payment, but all of that regret is gone. This is a truly beautiful, well made rosary that already looks as though it will last for years or even decades. Thank you for the craftsmanship on this one.

Kristen Horner Rated: 5
My kids love it!
I own a number of beautiful rosaries, and the crucifix on this one is my very favorite (I selected the upgrade option). I was a little concerned that this rosary would be frightening to my children but they absolutely love it and caught right on with the notion that this rosary helps us to live with our deaths in mind and to pray for the souls in purgatory. My four year old twin boys tell me that the pater skulls are happy skulls and that the ave skulls are cute -- I am not sure that that was the artist's intention, but if it helps them to feel comfortable with the notion of praying for the dead, then so be it!

Ron Mabus Rated: 5
Ron Mabus
When ordering the "Splendid Reward" do not delude thyself. This splended rosary is mighty in form and function! LARGE over 30", heavy! As my wife said " A Rosary befitting a BIKER and a WARRIOR". Not an every day carry rosary, but a beautiful example of a powerful weapon against evil wheather it be from hell or right here on earth. Thanks for crafting this beautiful BIG set of beads. Pray for PEACE.

alvin jenkins Rated: 5
skeleton bead rosary
I recieved my my rosary this week and was very pleased. I love the history of the church and reading about the history of the skull rosary and as I held it in my hand made me reflect on what all mankind has been through since the conception of this rosary. I truly believe God brought it to me. It truly makes me reflect stronger in my praier life.

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