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Main Section - 20%-||| - CHAPLETS - + 20%-MUSEUM INSPIRED CHAPLETS - + 20%-CDLM.51112, 51013 - 'MEMENTO MORI' I & II - museum inspired - 10 skull bead chaplets - ( & 14 in.)
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" + 20%-CDLM.51112, 51013 - 'MEMENTO MORI' I & II - museum inspired - 10 skull bead chaplets - ( & 14 in.)"
 + 20%-CDLM.51112, 51013 - 'MEMENTO MORI'  I & II - museum inspired -  10 skull bead chaplets - ( & 14 in.)

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20% -||||| 2 'MEMENTO MORI' CHAPLETS: Museum Inspired 10 bead chaplets made of skull beads. Skull beads were used in prayer counters for centuries by various religions including the Christian Religion. 'Memento Mori' is a call to remind one of ones mortality, 'Remember you must die'and also of those who have died. The traditional use of the skull bead is a reminder of 'Victory Over Death'. Christ's victory over the sin of Adam.

The actual inspiration for these chaplets to your left may be seen in the magnificent German book DER ROZENKRANZ (Andacht Geschichte Kunst). One of the chaplets in the book show a tassel at the end with a crucifix attached to the skirt. These were dated from the 1500's - 1700's.


||||| ABOUT OUR HANDCAST METALS: All metals, crucifixes and crosses are handcast from rare antique and vintage pieces in sterling silver and solid bronze then antiqued to restore original patina.

||||| NOTE: The rare crucifix is believed to be from Russia and shows the tools of crucifixion. You will see the skull and crossbones below the feet of Christ, again the symbol of Victory Over Death. You can see the Obverse and Reverse side in the picture to the left.

||||| SKULL BEADS: White Beads are called 'Ghost Beads'. Ground Yak bone mixed with resin, cast in a mold then antiqued. Brown beads are individually hand carved from wood, Great detail!


||||| PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE (pricing determined by gram wt of precious metal at time of casting)
Beads limited, unable to replace as shown.

--- WHITE YAK BONE SKULLS (CDLM.51112) - 13 in. )

BRONZE: ($180) - your special price $144
STERLING: $322) - your special price $265.60
WHITE BRONZE: ($164) - your special price $131.20


BRONZE: ($144) - Your special price $115.20
STERLING: ($296) - Your special price $236.80
WHITE BRONZE ($128) - Your special price $102.40

||||| RE YAK BONE RINGS: Now replaced with old metal rings, easier on the fingers and more traditional.




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