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Main Section - 20%-||| - ROSARIES - 20%-||| - (LEHB) - LIMITED HANDMADE BEADS - (new clay - Klew) - LEHB.21018 - THEY CAME TO BE XViII - 205 off - hand made Klew beads - rosary (28 in,)
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"LEHB.21018 - THEY CAME TO BE XViII - 205 off - hand made Klew beads - rosary (28 in,)"
LEHB.21018 - THEY CAME TO BE XViII - 205 off -  hand made Klew beads - rosary (28 in,)

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20% -||||| THEY CAME TO BE XVIII: AVE: We used a jet black round bead for Aves to set up the beauty of the Paters. They are antique glass and give the rosary a deep, rich color,

PATERS: California bead artist Karen Lewis of "Klew Expressions" has truly mastered the art of 'NEW CLAY' in her beadmaking Each bead is a work of art, never to be repeated. We are offering a series of rosaries with her beads as Paters. These are from our personal collection and are impossible to replace. Each design element has been laid on by hand. Each color is a different piece of clay, nothing is painted on. (The older beads may have more definition or embellishment than the newer ones). Each one is a bit different, which adds to their value.



When these are gone, there will be no more because each bead is in series depending on the colors chosen for the cane she designs which may produce several dozen beads before the featured cane is used up.

Beads that are well over 5 years old remain beautiful. The only visible difference is that they gain an exquisite patina with use over time. Hard to believe when you realize that each color you see in every leaf, every berry, is a different piece of clay. Nothing has been drawn or painted into the design.


||||| ABOUT OUR MEDALS: All our Crucifixes, Crosses, Rosary Centers and Religious Medals are hand cast from Antiques and Vintage pieces in sterling silver and solid bronze then antiqued to restore original patina.


||||| PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. (Pricing determined by gram wt of metal when cast)

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