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Main Section - ||||| - JEWELRY - :: JEWELRY: ABA - (American Bead Artists) - ||||| JBB.31010 - TEARDROPS of PROMISE -BASHA - bead, (necklace) - (18 in.)
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"||||| JBB.31010 - TEARDROPS of PROMISE -BASHA - bead, (necklace) - (18 in.) "
||||| JBB.31010 - TEARDROPS of PROMISE -BASHA -  bead, (necklace) - (18 in.)

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20% -||||| GOD'S TEARDROP OF PROMISE: a teardrop of rainbow colors, this necklace is a beautiful example of elegant
simplicity! Black, matte beads are antique from Gablonz and hold a teardrop full of rainbow colors, God's teardrop filled with his promise in the symbol of the rain-bow.
He reminds us of His love for us and how he suffers with us when we are in pain, yet he offers us the inner sign of promised hope!
Each color moves as you change your direction, each side is different. We have used antiqued metal filigree caps on the necklace and on the earrings. The earrings come with the necklace. Very very limited, these hand made (dichroic glass) lampwork Basha beads! Each a work of art, never to be repeated.


||||| ABOUT OUR ROSARIES, CHAPLETS and JEWELRY: We string our work on a state of the arts wire (49 strands of stainless steel) which is very strong but supple allowing for it to be passed on from generation to generation.
All are designed by and for the Rosary Workshop Museum Gallery Shop. We specialize in rare antique beads, semi precious stones, pearls and other hard to find beads.


||||| DESIGN IS NOT PAINTED ON: Note that every color you see is a different piece of dichroic glass, there is nothing painted on the surface. It is called 'Lampwork because the glass rods or cane are heated over a flame and formed.


||||| BASHA is well known for her lampwork and you can see examples on our site especially in rosaries and chaplets, we are now beginning to use more of her work in jewelry. She is a gem to work with and we are grateful for her careful attention to small details that make it work for our designs!


(when gone, unable to replace - if you are not receiving piece imaged, you will be notified here)

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