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Customer Reviews
Average Rating 2

Len Vanerstrom Rated: 2
Love the cross, hate the bale.
I ordered one of these crosses recently. I was disappointed to discover that not only is there a "nub" of metal on the top of the bale that would make the cross difficult to use on a rosary but that there is also a small piece of bronze that looks like a pin tip jutting out from the underside of the bale as well.

The nub on top is rather hard to see in the pictures on the website and I overlooked it since Rosary Workshop does not often post pictures of the crosses from multiple angles. This cross would be one that would benefit from a "side shot" so that it is obvious that the bale has extra metal at the top.

As for the pin tip of bronze on the inner underside of the bale, it makes stringing the cross on anything, metal or cord, a precarious proposition at best. The metal and cord can possibly rub on the jutting metal inside the bale and be damaged or fray in the case or cord or string.

Overall, this cross would have been wonderful had RW made just a small modification to it. Remove the metal jutting out from inside the bale and possibly offer the cross in a version that does not have a metal nub at the top.

I would not recommend this cross to anyone who intends to use the cross in a rosary, chaplet or jewelry.

It would be wonderful if RW offered more byzantine / icon style crosses.

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