Updated:  12/30/21



We have never nor will we ever remove any copyrights, trademarks or signatures on items before casting them. We recognize that others before us may have done this and that a piece may have been recast several times before reaching us, which is out of our control.

Therefore it is possible, you may see a Bronze piece stamped with (925), which means 92.5% Sterling, as it may have transfered from the original Sterling piece it was cast from.


All pieces (age and origin) are authenticated by European antique dealers. If unknown, it will state, for more information click on pricing to order form more information on history.

We take great joy in finding these old (3rd – 20c) unmarked crosses, crucifixes and medals. Each hand stamped or hand cast piece has a wonderful design and patina which is un-repeatable today. Many are worn from love and use.


All crucifixes, crosses, rosary centers and medals chosen by the Rosary Workshop to be hand cast in the U.S. are, to the best of our research and knowledge, from Public Domain.  This means they are either too old to trace or have no visible signs of a copyright or trademark on their surface. We note that if a piece contains the signature of an untraceable artist, recognized to be over 70 years in (Europe) to 100 years old in (US) we will share this information in respect to their work.  If at a later date we discover an item does hold a legal copyright or trademark we will either credit the designer in respect of the artist or remove the item from our stock.


The Rosary Workshop recognizes many old treasures are still available in flea markets, Ebay, etc. (some are the same as the ones we are using, simply because they were originally cast in large numbers) we encourage others who wish to reproduce them to purchase their own, repair, research and cast as needed. We honor the fact that Equatoria and Samsara have also restored, modified, merged and upgraded many of these old and antique pieces offered on our wholesale and retail sites. (To make them more useful for all of us.) In many cases this brings them into a new catagory and out of public domain. Some now carry copyrights and we recognize and honor them as such. 

We trust that no one is abusing this, that these are not being recast and sold as “exclusive” to another website, buyer/seller. Please report any abuse to the links below:  to Equatoria @ https://equatoriaworld.com/featured-products/login.php?osCsid=2497ae5f53441efbb99c4115f4326178   OR  Rosary Workshop @ therosaryworkshop@gmail.com .