We deeply regret we have been unable to reach Samsara for almost 10 years now. Samsara was from Thailand and we originally found them at the Tucson International Gem and Mineral Show in 1999 through a mutual friend and were a fan from the very beginning! As far as we know we are the sole distributor for Samsara pieces on the web.

Since we have been unable to reach Samsara and get any more pieces cast from them, we are running out of our stock of supplies. As such, the quality of our stock on some of the pieces we have left, may have some slight imperfections on them. We will always try to do our best to give you the best quality of items we have available, but just want you to be aware of this on some of our Samsara pieces. Whenever possible a note will be made on a particular item in which an imperfection is quite prominent and we will then have that item discounted in order for us to be able to sell out of that particular item so we may perhaps be able to recast it at a later date.

As such, when we are able to recast some of the pieces; we may not be able to get all of them recast at once. Recasting is a time consuming and expensive process and we can only do a few at a time. However, with the economy as it is we are unable to do this at this time. We are currently putting customers on a list, if you have a favorite item you wish to have recast, we are taking customers names and the most popular items will be cast first when we will be able to do so and we will contact you when we have them available for you.

Also, please note when trying to match up SAMSARA pieces with NON-SAMSARA pieces we will personally help match them for you.  Some of the metals/antiquing Samsara used in his old pieces do not match our own pieces, especially the Bronze can be very off color.  Please contact us if you need help!

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions on this issue please send an email to Tina @ or contact toll free @ 877-695-3561.