AB CELSIAN / CRYSTAL CLEAR (firepolish / faceted) BEADS (8mm-60/10mm-6) – CZ.9023/9024

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AURA BOREALIS CELSIAN / CRYSTAL CLEAR (FIREPOLISHED/FACETED) BEADS (8mm and 10mm): Celsian (left) and Crystal Clear (right) are rich with the extra aura (ab) finish, both colors make great rosaries, chaplets or use in jewelry. Distinguished colors from the people of Jabolnex, Czechoslovakia, the finest of the glass bead makers with a beadmaking history that dates back to the 1500s.

PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: (you will receive 60 (8mm) beads per pkg or 6 (10mm) beads per pkg for the price below):

CZ.9023 – AB CELSIAN (8mm/60 beads) = $10  (shown left)
CZ.9023 – AB CELSIAN (10mm/6 beads) = $2
CZ.9024 – AB CRYSTAL CLEAR (8mm/60 beads) = $10  (shown right)
CZ.9024 – AB CELSIAN (10mm/6 beads) = $2

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