“ADDICTION” – VENERABLE MATT TALBOT (II) – Green Burri Seed & Horn. (7.5 in.) – CDDA.52230

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VENERABLE MATT TALBOT ( 2 May 1856 – 7 June 1925) Intercessor for alcoholism and gluttony.

AVE BEADl: Natural Burri Seed in a rich mossy green.

PATER BEAD: Carved Horn with antiqued metal caps

CRUCIFIX: CRUCIFIX: Lg VIA DOLOROSA – Spain/19c – (2.6250 in. H x 1.4375 in. W)
The leaf reminds us that Christ is the vine, we are the branches.

CHOOSE A DESIGN. Either “loop” as shown or open ended with Crucifix on one end and the small leaf on the opposite end.


WHO WAS MATT TALBOT? Born into poverty and alcoholism in the inner city of Dublin, Ireland, he began drinking at 12. By the age of 28 he decided to become sober. (His father was a shipyard worker and during this period of Irish history, no Catholics were allowed work in shipyards or if found out, they would be killed). He began by going to confession and receiving Eucharist. He was given a 12 step rehab program by a priest friend. (now used by Alcoholics Anonymous. He lived his life as the early Irish monks (6th 7th c) did. which consisted of prayer, fasting and alms giving.


Matthew Talbot, you were born into poverty, among a marginalized people, and you went right to the edge as an alcoholic. By the same grace that rescued you from alienation and despair, we ask your intercession today on behalf of all who are marginalized in this world and for ( __________ name) . See how the strong prey upon the weak and the violence and despair and alienation and oppression which afflicts so many. We pray that your example of solidarity with the poor will be an inspiration for many to follow your holy example. Amen


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