CHRIST THE KING CRUCIFIX – antique, Italy/1920s (2.75 in.) – CRX.48

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CHRIST THE KING CRUCIFIX – HIGH PRIEST: Dressed in priestly garments with a Maniple over his arm. Worn since the 6th century by Priests and Deacons in Ravenna, the maniple was incorperated throughout Western Europe within 400 years. First used as a handkerchief to wipe the brow, it became very ornate by the Middle ages. Eventually used as a symbol to wipe off ‘the mind and the heart’ of sin and inspire a love of good works.  The risen Christ, especially as CHRIST THE KING carries a powerful message in symbolism.

NOTE: (SAME AS ECRX.550) However, bail on this crucifix makes it possible to wear on a chain or cord yet works well on rosaries too, especially wonderful to use on rosaries for priests. This crucifix is not as well defined and flater than the (ECRX.550)

PRAYER: “May I deserve, O Lord, to bear the maniple of tears and sorrow, that I may receive with joy the reward of my labors.

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(actual size: 2.8125 in. H x 1.5625 in. W, including bail)

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