CROWN OF THORNS (COROA DE CRISTO) – from Jerusalem (7-8 inches in diameter) – C9.2400

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CROWN OF THORNS (COROA DE CRISTO): We are grateful to have the opportunity to bring these ‘Crown of Thorns’ to you from our friends in Bethlehem. When we opened the box, we gasped at their beauty, yet were taken back by the sharpness of the thorns. It is hard not to hold one in your bare hands and ponder over its powerful symbolism.

ABOUT THE PLANT: Botanical name Euphorbia Milli. This thick steamed plant grows in the desert of Jericho and by the Dead Sea, 30 Miles from Jerusalem. This beautiful ornamental plant which has dense thorns is said to have been used by Roman Legionaries to crown the head of Jesus. When in bloom, it has beautiful flowers that all but hide the thorns and is found in many colors.

PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE:  Limited, may not be able to replace when gone.


(*NOTE: this does not include special shipping and handling cost as this item must be packaged very carefully in order not to break any of thorns in transit, you will be given a shipping quote before being charged).

(approx size: 7 in. inside diameter to 8 inches outside diameter)

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