DILECTO CARMEL MEDAL / LG CENTER – New Spain, 1718 (3 in.) – EM.773

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DILECTO CARMEL MEDAL / LG CENTER (Beloved Carmel):  (LATIN AMERICA – DATED 1718) A magnificent filigreed medal one of the most beautiful medals we have ever seen. Image is of Mary with child Jesus, holding the scapular. REVERSE: Worn but dated. Engraved with images, one is the lamb.

Also, CONSIDER USING THIS AS THE CENTERPIECE OF A NECKLACE. Add several beads below to compliment the beads used on the necklace part. Also works beautifully for an altar chaplet or rosary by adding counting beads.

Part of our Equatoria Collection.

AN OLD CARMELITE TRADITION SHARED BY JOSEPH DION: I was given an interesting theory of the meaning of this medal from a friar that I’ve worked with on rosary orders. Medals very similar to this were used for specific intentions. Often, if one had a devotion to Our Lady, one could find such a medal with an image of a family member, etc., attached to the reverse side of the medal. If you look closely, you will notice tiny holes on each of the ends of the arms of the medal. One could thread through these holes, attaching an image in cloth to the back of the medal. The medal was then laid or hung from an image within a church. When one would pray through the intercession of the image, the main intention of the prayers was found on the reverse. I found this tradition, although unheard of now, to be quite beautiful. I certainly wouldn’t want this image/tradition to fade away like so many others have done in recent years. (Thank you Joseph for sharing this old tradition. So many have indeed been lost in time and this one is a treasure that lives!)

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(actual size: 3 in. H x 2.9375 in. W, including bail)


PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: (pricing determined by gram wt of metals at time of casting)