THE BIBLE TIMELINE – The Story of Salvation (DVD, CD, STUDIES-Jeff Cavins, Sarah Christmyer and Tim Gray) – BTL

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THE BIBLE TIMELINE: Get the big picture! Jeff Cavins personally takes you on a journey through salvation history. This highly acclaimed full 24 week series takes you through the entire Great Adventure Bible Timeline Study and helps you get the big picture of the people, places and events of the Bible Foundational to all other Bible Studies. 50 – 55 minute sessions.

Your Group Will:

  • Read 14 narrative books of the Bible and discover the amazing story woven throughout Scripture
  • Learn how the key people, places, and events in the Bible fit together to reveal God?s plan for humanity
  • Study the Bible from a Catholic perspective and see how our faith is rooted in Sacred Scripture
  • See how the events in the Old Testament are fulfilled in the New Testament by Christ and the Church
  • Gain a greater appreciation for the Scripture readings you hear during Mass
  • See how God reveals himself to us through Scripture and learn how God’s Word applies to your life today
  • Develop a life-long hunger for knowing God in his word and lay a strong foundation for further Bible reading and study

AVAILABLE IN TWO FORMATS: DVD or CD (Sessions 50-55 minutes)

DVD (12 DVDs – 24 sessions) = $194.95 

CD (23 CD’s – 24 sessions) = $149.95

In these twenty-four sessions Jeff Cavins provides an in-depth explanation of the Bible and salvation history.

These sessions are just one part of the program.The Bible Timeline Study Set contains the study questions, responses, and talk notes needed for the study.

Sessions include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding the Story in Scripture
  3. Early World, Part 1
  4. Early World, Part 2
  5. Patriarchs, Part 1
  6. Patriarchs, Part 2
  7. Egypt and Exodus, Part 1
  8. Egypt and Exodus, Part 2
  9. Desert Wanderings
  10. Conquest and Judges, Part 1
  11. Conquest and Judges, Part 2
  12. Royal Kingdom, Part 1
  13. Royal Kingdom, Part 2
  14. Divided Kingdom, Part 1
  15. Divided Kingdom, Part 2
  16. Exile
  17. Return
  18. Maccabean Revolt
  19. Messianic Fulfillment, Part 1
  20. Messianic Fulfillment, Part 2
  21. Messianic Fulfillment, Part 3
  22. The Church, Part 1
  23. The Church, Part 2
  24. The Church, Part 3

STARTER PACK = $199.00


This Starter Pack is what every leader needs to begin The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation. It includes:

  • 12-DVD Set (24, 50-minute videos presented by Jeff Cavins)
  • Study Set (includes The Bible Timeline Chart and Bookmark)

Each participant and small-group facilitator should have a Study Set, which includes session overviews, questions and responses, and talk notes. The Study Set is used during each step of the program:

  • The session overviews and questions are needed forHome Preparation andSmall-Group Discussion.
  • The talk notes are needed during the Video Presentations.
  • The responses are needed for the Review of Responses.


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