TRAVELERS ROSARY – “GUIDE OUR FEET” – Rudraksah & Wood – (15 in.) – RCAR.2940

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GUIDE OUR FEET: Rosaries for the Travelers:

AVE BEAD: 8mm Rudraksha seed with a telling texture.

PATER BEAD: Cubed wood, easy to feel with the fingers as the eyes search the road.

Never leave home with out one. Flying, walking, driving – all present a wonderful opportunity to pray as you go!

TRAVEL SERIES: A shorter, more compact rosary for easier prayer while driving or riding in the car. (I live one full rosary from town!) Or, put one of these smaller rosaries in your carry-on, computer case, hand bag or pocket when you fly. Pray the rosary on your way. Let the rosary prepare the way ahead of you through its gospel message.

ABOUT OUR MEDALS: All our crucifixes, crosses, rosary center and medals are handcast from antique and vintage pieces in sterling silver and solid bronze then antiqued to restore original patina.

PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE (pricing determined by gram wt of precious metal at time of casting)


BRONZE: ($140) your special price $112
STERLING: ($222) your special price $177.60

PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: (pricing determined by gram wt of metals at time of casting)