LAND THAT GIVES FOOD MEDAL – antique, Latin America/unknown (1.75 in.) – EM.759

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LAND THAT GIVES FOOD MEDAL: This is a very interesting medal about which little is known. The cross, draped with a cloth for the risen Christ, the symbols of the Passion, whip, lance, 3 nails and dice, suggest its Christian theme although it may have come from an earlier custom.

We wonder if the name, ‘Land That Gives Food’ symbolizes Spiritual Food given by Christ’s Resurrection. Note the items above the cross that appear to be 5 loaves of bread. (Eucharistic Bread from Heaven)

The name ‘Pacha Mama’ was given to this piece by the seller. ‘Pacha Mama’ ties in the ancient god mother of harvest in some South American countries. This was converted from the paganistic mother image into the Virgin Mary when the land became Christianized.

Part of our Equatoria Collection.

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(actual size: 1.75 in. H x 1.3750 in. W, including bail)

PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: (pricing determined by gram wt of metals at time of casting)