TRINITY CRUCIFIX (Egnio Weinert – Germany) – (3.6875 in.) – GWC.6009

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TRINITY CRUCIFIX: A powerful crucifix with the comforting hand of God above the head of Christ. Note the hand of God, the Holy Spirit above the head of Christ, making this rare crucifix a beautiful reminder of the Triune God. Designed by Egino Weinert, world renown metal artist (see below), who has devoted his life to creating rare and beautiful liturgical art. His work may be seen around the world.

INSCRIPTION: The reverse side reads in German: Deinen Tod, O Herr, verkuenden wir, und Deine Auferstehung preisen wir, bis Du kommst in Herrlichkeit.

TRANSLATION: We proclaim Your death, O Lord, and we praise Your resurrection, until You come in glory.

The Trinity Crucifix is the perfect trinitarian gift. It’s a popular gift for RCIA candidates being received into the Church and is suitable for hanging on the wall or for use as a pectoral cross in liturgical celebrations. Father, Son and Holy Spirit (making up the Holy Trinity) are the central Mystery of a Christian’s personal devotion and the Christian community’s public worship. This trinitarian crucifix makes a great gift for those receiving baptism, confirmation or first communion. Pastors may welcome new members of their community with the Trinity Crucifix.

This crucifix depicts the Trinity in one scene: the right Hand of God the Father above (Mark 16:19, Acts 2:33) is sending the Holy Spirit “in the form of a dove” (Mark 1:10, John 1:32) down upon Jesus nailed to a cross, who is the incarnate Word of God (John 1:14). This solid bronze cross, conceived and executed in Germany by a master bronzesmith, beautifully captures the Mystery of the Trinity. A gift worthy of the awesome Mysteries celebrated on Easter, and a memorable gift for Christians in honor of the Trinity.

ABOUT EGINO WEINERT: World renowned German artist, Egino Weinert, is a master in the field of sacred gold smithery, as well as a painter and sculptor. He has consigned pieces of art for Cathedrals and Churches throughout the world and is a favorite of John Paul II. Several of Mr. Weinert’s original enamel works may be seen in the Galleria Moderna of the Vatican Museum.

Part of our Creator Mundi Collection.

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(actual size: 3.6875 in. H x 3.0625 in. W)

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