FULTON J SHEEN ROSARY – “WORLD MISSION” – Onyx & Jasper – (21 in.) – RSTS.21450

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WORLD MISSION ROSARY: Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen:

AVES: 8 mm Jet Black matte Onyx stones (symbilize a priests garments.

PATERS: Faceted Stone Nuggets surrounded by natural rainbow Jasper rondelles. (symbolism in this natural stone suggests the blending of the 5 colors in today’s merging media world.

CRUCIFIX: CHRIST / 2 MARYS -.Spanish Colonial / 18 – 19c – (2 in.)

This rosary is made in the traditional “all in one loop’ design and does not have a center piece.

HISTORY: In 1951, Archbishop Fulton J Sheen was the national director of the Society for the Propagation of Faith. He made an appeal to “Embrace the World in Prayer”‘ With this in mind, he took the 5 decades of the traditional rosary and dedicated each decade with one of 5 colors to represent the different mission regions of the world.

1. YELLOW (the rising sun over Asia)
2. RED for the blood of American martyrs,
3. WHITE for Europe, home of the Holy Father and his call for a new Evangeliztion
4. BLUE for the waters embracing the Island nations of Oceans
5. GREEN for the grasslands and forests of Africa

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