BROTHER ANDRE ROSARY- (Canada) – Onyx & Wood – (21 in.) – RDBA.21120

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BROTHER ANDRE – (9 Aug 1845 – 6 Jan 1937) 

Canonized St Andre Bessette CSC –  Oct 17, 2010

AVE BEADS: 8mm Black matte onyx.

PATER BEADS: Carved wood to honor St Joseph the carpenter. The leaf design carved in the wood reminds us of the leaf used in the Canadian Flag.

CRUCIFIX: CRUCIFIX WOOD – vintage, Germany/19c – early 20c – (2 in.)

KEY: – BESSETTE – (St Joseph) – Canada (1.25 in)

Rosary is made in the traditional “all one loop” design without a center piece.

Brother Andre had a rosary but we do not know what it looked like, other than is was a simple series of beads for counting. We hope this rosary honors him in some special way. Most of the religious during this period either had rosaries made of wood or a latex from wood ‘gutta-percha’ (mid 19c) but most likely the rosaries during that period were dark brown or black.

…..Honor St Joseph, bring Glory to God…..Brother Andre

WHO WAS BROTHER ANDRE?  “He was only a porter — a doorman — at a college owned and operated by his religious congregation. He was a little man, both in size and, if one were to judge by appearance, in importance. He was not a priest; therefore he could neither offer Mass nor preach. Because of poor education, he did not know how to read or write until he reached the age of twenty-five.” Inspired by the ancient tradition of anointing with oil, he would take the oil from the lamp burning in front of the statue of St Joseph to anoint the sick, people were healed.

COMES WITH DOORKEEPERS KEY (reminder to pray for a special person)

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