FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH CROSS (Maria Laach/Butzon Bercker – Germany) (4.3750 in. H x 4.3750 in. W) – GWC.6023

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FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH CROSS: A powerful cross in its simplicity. A perfect gift for for any lifetime event or especially for world peace today. From world famous casters Butzon and Bercker Studios of Germany.

A CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: At the center of this cross are two circles, one solid and one open. Circles symbolize unity and wholeness. Each of the vertical and horizontal axes feature water or rivers flowing through them. These are the rivers of life, flowing outward in all directions from Christ, our Light. The rivers also put one in mind of Genesis 2:10 “A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers.”

A SPECIAL GIFT FOR: Baptisms, Sacraments, Housewarmings, Lenten & Easter, Ordiantions or just to hang on the wall of your home.

ABOUT BUTZON BERCKER: In 1870, Butzon and Bercker began as a publishing company. By 1920 it began to produce fine religious art and in 1930, they started their own woodworking shop. By 1958, a foundry was established and they began to produce fine bronze religious art. There are over 80 artists, from blacksmiths to sculptors. Their work ranges from small, wearable pendants, to liturgical appointment for churches. All finishing work is done by 25 master artists, providing the buyer with the finest of work.

Part of our Creator Mundi Collection.

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(actual size: 4.3750 in. H x 4.3750 in. W)

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