OUR LADY OF PILAR CENTER (Apparition to St James) – Spain/1790-1850 – RC.65

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OUR LADY OF PILAR CENTER (apparition to St James) Zaragoza Spain: This medal makes a wonderful center for the Latin American collection or other crucifixes that require a center with an old hand crafted look. (We will be using this one a lot!). Era: 1800 – 1850. Unable to read the writing on the back but is a souvenir probably from a pilgrimage during the ‘La Fiesta de Pilar’ in Zaragoza as contains the word ‘Recoerdo de’ – (Record of). Love the little etched flowers, one on either side of the Madonna – find out why below !!!

Somewhat curved but if this does not appeal to you, you may press it down on a table and it will straighten out. We like it the way it is!

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THE OFFERING OF THE FLOWERS – ‘LA FIESTA del PILAR’: On the 12 of October, the Fiesta of Pilar is celebrated which includes music and festivities along with the offering of flowers to the Virgin. Aromatic trails of flowers, gladiolus, roses and lilies are strewn to and through the Plaza as offerings to Our Lady.

TRADITIONAL HISTORY: The traditional history of The Fiesta del Pilar begins in the year 40 A.D. when the apostle Saint James the Greater entered Spain to convert the pagan country to Christianity. While traveling in the territory of Aragon, on the eve of January 2, the Virgin Mary appeared to him. Her words to him were, “This place is to be my house and this image and column shall be the title and altar of the temple that you shall build”. The Basilica del Pilar remains in that very spot today and houses the small wooden statue of Mary (39 cm. tall) along with the pilar of jasper she gave him.

MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD (manifested to Sor Maria Agreda): In the Book, Mystical City of God, we are told that when Mary was in Ephesus, she was carried on a cloud by the angels to visit James in Zaragoza Spain. While they traveled, the angels built a small wooden image of Mary and a pillar of marble. Mary’s message to James (from her son, Jesus) was to build a church on the very site where he stood when receiving the apparition. The jasper pillar and wooden image were to be on the main altar. All who traveled would be protected.

Mary also related to James the message of her son, that he was to return to Jerusalem where he would be martyred. In 63AD he was beheaded.

Mary was 54 years old, 12 years before her Assumption into heaven, and this apparition is believed the earliest of the visitations of Mary.

The symbolism of ‘OUR LADY OF PILAR’ (or pillar), shows the unity between heaven and earth through Mary and the fortitude of the Catholic church.

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