SOUL OF MARY CENTER (Our Lady of the Dove) – Spain/18-19c – RC.66

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SOUL of MARY CENTER (‘Alma de Maria’) also known as ‘Our Lady of the Dove’: This rare medal makes a beautiful center – a very popular devotion in Spanish Colonial times. This beautiful devotion reflects the ‘Annunciation’. In the icon image of this devotion, Mary is clutching a white dove (symbol of ‘Espiritu Santo’ the Holy Spirit) next to her heart. A rosary hangs around her neck (like a precurser of the life of her son to be) as she looks upwards to heaven. In the medal she is surrounded by 3 angels along with a ribbon-like frame. Dated 18th-19th century. A very old devotion that deserves to be restored as is even more powerful today. (Reverse: .N.S.S. CD ( or E) LA PALOMA).

Also available as a center, SEE (MMD.01):

HISTORY OF ‘SOUL OF MARY’: We see her embracing the dove, the Holy Spirit next to her heart. One has to wonder if 2 Chronicles 2:5 went through her mind and heart, “Yet who is really able to build him a house, since the heavens and even the highest heavens cannot contain him? And who am I that I should build him a house, unless it be to offer incense in his presence?” We are reminded, in such a precious way of Mary’s participation in our redemption.

FIESTA OF LA VIRGEN de la PALOMA (Virgin of the Dove) Virgen de la Paloma is one of the oldest and most celebrated Fiestas in Madrid since the 18c. It begins on the 11th of August and goes through the 15th of August (Feast of the Assumption). The procession of the statue of the Virgin of the Doves is in honor of an image of the Virgen related to the healing of one of the queens children. Much dancing, concerts and street performances may be found on every corner of the Plaza de las Vistillas in Old Madrid.

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