PADRE JAKE LABOON SJ – Green Padre Bead rosary (10mm – 14 in) – RTB.21161

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AVE BEADS: Late 1800’s – early 1900’s very rare mix of sea green beads because of his service in the US Navy Submarines. They are a reminder of the blue green waters that he dove into to save the life of a Navy pilot.

 PATER BEADS: Fine grade of wood. 

CROSS:  VICTORY OVER ADAM’s SIN – late 1700’s – (2.5 in.) Cast from a piece over 100 years old.

The rosary is made all in one loop following tradition. This design also does not tangle or know as easily as the pendant design.

Before becoming a Jesuit Priest, ‘Jake’ a graduate of the US Naval Academy class of 1943 was stationed on the submarine, USS Pito (SS 265).  During WWII. LTJG Laboon won the Silver Star for bravery for diving from his moving submarine in the mine infested waters to rescue a downed aviator under heavy enemy fire. A Navy Frigate was named after him. USS Laboon DDG 58. 

We encourage you to re dedicate this rosary to anyone you choose. Just say your first prayer for Fr. Jake. Thanks. 

ALL OUR MEDALS: All our medals are handcast from antiques and vintage pieces in sterling silver and solid bronze then antiqued to restore original patina.

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PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: (pricing determined by gram wt of metals at time of casting)